Our goal is to establish a relationship with our clients that is based on mutual trust, aligned financial incentives and an absence of hidden agendas. In this day and age, and especially in this industry, that can be a difficult goal. But our Health Delegates’ clients have found that we live up to those promises and have worked hard to develop a proactive partnership that keeps those clients fully engaged and is focused on their success. 
Health Delegates was created by professionals to assist and improve our client’s ability to manage their overall drug spend, identify other related opportunities to manage cost, enhance revenue and create affordable access programs.

Formulary Management

Let us apply our expertise to assist in developing and maintaining a formulary that meets your overall needs. Health Delegates offers a wide spectrum of formulary management services with the ultimate goal of providing clinically effective medications at the lowest net cost. 

Our multidisciplinary Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee can provide clinical expertise ranging from supplying drug monographs and recommendations to alleviating the time-consuming task of running your own committee by providing complete clinical oversight. 

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Rebate Administration

Health Delegates has a comprehensive rebate administration program. Key aspects include:

  • Manufacturer discount contracting
  • Pharmacy benefit plan design strategies
  • Claims submission management
  • Drug trend reporting

Medical Rebate Program

Medical cost, particularly those associated with drug spend, account for nearly half of a health plan’s total pharmaceutical costs. With the rising number of specialty drugs available, and more on the horizon, managing these costs has become a vital component of providing cost-effective care for patients. 

Health Delegates has coordinated with Pharmaceutical companies, health plans and other business partners to provide an effective clinical solution to these rising costs. In addition, a mechanism has been developed to manage where and how these costly drugs are delivered to the end user: the patient.

Health Delegates offers practical, workable solutions to medical drug management, and can help you manage costs and provide your members with high quality care at the same time. We will work with you every step of the way to help your set up utilization management programs and distribution processes. 

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